Polyester Webbing Slings, Duplex Webbing Sling, Flat Webbing Slings, Round Slings, Mumbai, India
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Polyester Webbing Slings

Duplex, Flat webbing Slings with lopps at both ends.
Safety Factor 6:1, WLL 1000-16000 Kg
Polyester Webbing Slings
Round Slings, Endless, Safety Factor 7:1, WLL 1000-30000 Kg
Polyester Webbing Slings
Advantages :
1. 100% Polyester
2. Working Temp. range : -40o C to + 180 C
3. Elasticity : 3% extension at WLL; 10-13% extension at break load.
4. Considerably lighter than chain or wire rope slings.
5. Positive identification due to colour coding.
6. No maintenance - fully resistant to corrosion.
Notes :
* Effective length is approximately half the circumference.
Effective length
* Non-standard lengths supplied to special order.
* MBS : Minimum breaking strength
* M is the mode factor for limits given in kilograms
* SWL : safe working load

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