Pulling And Lifting Machines, Universe Geraless Hand Operated Pulling / Lifting Machine, Mumbai, India
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Pulling And Lifting Machines

Pulling And Lifting Machines
Universe Geraless Hand operated Pulling and Lifting Machines
Manufactured as per IS specification No. 5604 - 1985 / European Federation of Mechanical Handling
Pulling And Lifting Machines
The "Universe" gearless hand operated pulling and lifting machines are used for rectilinear pulling of steel wire ropes by the gripping and releasing actions of two  sets of jaws alternately. Each set consists of a pair of smooth jaws of suitable length which grip the wire rope firmly by closing top and bottom without causing damage to the rope. These jaws work on the self clamping principle, that is they are locked by the pulling force of the wire rope itself. The jaws are enclosed in a casing  and are connected by rods to forward ( or up ) and reverse ( or down) mechanism which is operated by a  telescopic handle.
Galvanised steel core wire ropes of6X19 construction  up to 12mm diameter and 6X36 or 6X37 construction above 12mm diameter shall be used. A galvanised wire rope with fibre steel mixed core may also be used if agreed to between the manufacturer and the purchaser.
1 . The load shall be moved by the operation of a lever  and the direction of movement shall be determined by selecting one of the two seperate levers provided for  the purpose.

2. It shall be possible to change the direction of the  movement of the wire rope without releasing the load.

3.'Suitable release lever shall be provided to allow the  operator to move the slack wire rope quickly to' its required position when the hoist is not underload.

4. Back Slippage - When a load is being lifted, some back slippage of the load is bound to occur. Permissible back slippage of the load as a percentage of the total lift in one stroke ( forward or backward ) shall be as follows
Lifting Capacity of Machine t: 0.8 1.0
Load Applied t: 0.8 1.0 1.6 2.0 3.2 5.0
Permissible' Backslip Percent 10 10 10 10 15 15
1. Never lift the load in excess of the safe working load on the machine, as this has been tested at more than the SWL (ie 50% overload), but it has been done in carefully controlled .conditions. Use of the machine at any load greater than the safe working toad may result in damage.

2. Before use, examine the wire rope to ensure that the same is in good condition and is free of kinks, if in doubt, the diameter should be measured, it should be remembered that the wire rope is also a component of the machine.

3. Never lift from the point of the nook.
The enquiry and order should give the following details:
c) Safe working load (tons).
d) Length of wire rope to be used in process, that is maximum distance between the load and the machine.

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